If conditions to define output of a field

Hello, please dont be too harsh with me I am starting with this and have a simple question I cannot solve by myself though trying different combinations of formulas.

I have 3 fields : possibleloan1, possibleloan2, loanoutput. I want a formula that defines loanoutput. Loanoutput is possibleloan1 if possibleloan1 is greater or equal possibleloan1. if possibleloan1 is minor possibleloan2 , loanoutput should be possibleloan2.

I tried for loanoutput:
IF(possibleloan1 > possibleloan2, TRUE(possibleloan1), FALSE(possibleloan2))
Do you know what I did wrong?
Airtable is not accepting the formula itself though I wrote it in accordance to the guidelines.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community, @Tim_Sander.

You’re very close, but you would not use the functions TRUE() or FALSE(). Those stand on their own (without anything within the parenthesis), and are typically used to return 1 for true or 0 for false.

So, your formula would look like this:

IF(possibleloan1 > possibleloan2, possibleloan1, possibleloan2)

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Hello @ScottWorld,
thank you so much!! It works and I know what True and Fals are for. Perfect.

The formula works perfect, now the table looks different:

The line above is theusual line, but where something is calculated with the formula, the whole line looks different. is that normal? can I turn this of so that I just have plain lines?

PS I mean the 2nd and 3rd line where it says MAx mortgage (Name of the field row) and count 1) THANK YOU

You are grouping your records. Turn off the grouping.

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Thank you so much for your patience. Brillant.
Feel free to ping me when having questions about online marketing. I am really grateful for your help.

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