If contains, then "Yes"

Hey there, trying to get an IF/THEN statement correct here.

It’s a donation database. Each donation is linked to a Donor Account and a Campaign. In my Donor Accounts tab, I’m using a lookup field to determine which Campaigns each donor has donated through. In another column, I’d like it to populate “Yes” if the donor has already given/is tagged to a particular campaign, “No” if they haven’t.


Hey @Dani_Oliver,

You can easily use the Switch()formula to do this!

Here is a full explanation of how the switch formula works.


I’m not sure this would work if there are multiple records listed in Campaigns, though, right? I need “if it contains”, not “if it is.”

Got it! I see two options here:

  1. You could use FIND() to determine if the text you are looking for is in the cell and then an IF() to populate “YES” or “NO”. This thread has a good example.

  2. You could use REGEX with this App: https://miniextensions.com/airtable-regular-expression/

Let me know if this takes care of it!

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