If current formula field returns anything, then show specific text, otherwise, display nothing

I have a pretty complex string of nested IF statements that appear as bulleted items. If the string returns anything at all, I need it to display with a title at the top “Pending Items:”. If it returns nothing at all, the title should also not appear. There is no way to add the current field title into it’s own formula, so I’m not quite sure how to approach this.

Hi @Sarah_MacGregor,
When you say “at the top”, do you mean the Field name, or just a top most item in a formatted string of text?

If the latter you can add a New Line in your text output with: \n

So something like this:

'This The Subject\n' &
'This is a line\n' &
'This is another line'

Gives you this:

I found a solution: IF((past entire string of nested if statements ) = “”, “”, “My Title for Bulleted List Below\n” & (original entire string of nested if statements producing a bullet list))

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