IF-Date Add Return Specific day of week

Hey all,
I am relatively new to using Airtable and I need some help getting these two formulas to work together (they work fine on their own) in 1 field so I can keep track of shipping dates based on 2 conditions. My ultimate ship date needs to always return the Saturday date 3 weeks after the original date {RFP Request Date}. If there is no attachment in {RFP Print} and no date in {RFP Request Date}, I want it to show a blank cell. If one of those cells is filled in, then I don’t mind it returning an #ERROR! . Also how do you remove the time stamp for the formula since I do not need it?

Current Field setups since I cannot add screenshots
{RFP PRINT} = Attachments
{RFP Request Date} = Date
{IFTT} = Formula (1st listed below) - Ultimately need this to become my Shipping Date.
{Field 21} = Formula (2nd listed below)

In column {IFTT} I have :
{RFP Print}!=’’,
DATEADD({RFP Request Date},3,‘weeks’), “”)

If column {Field 21} I have :
DATEADD({RFP Request Date}, 6-IF(WEEKDAY({RFP Request Date})=0, 6, WEEKDAY({RFP Request Date})), ‘day’)


Not sure if I understand, but This is what I’m thinking

Ship date:
DATEADD({RFP Request Date}, 21 - weekday({RFP Request Date}), ‘days’)

Combined with second condition:
if(and({RFP Print}!=blank(),{RFP Request Date}),DATEADD({RFP Request Date}, 21 - weekday({RFP Request Date}), ‘days’),"#ERROR")

Timestamp is in the format section of the column properties.

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I can’t get your formula to work :frowning:
As it stand from my original, I can get the ship date 3 weeks in the future from a manually put in date (request date field). Instead of that date exactly 3 weeks ahead, I need it to give me the Saturday of that week.

So if my Request field date is Today 9/6/2019 ; the 1st formula field gives me back 9/27/2019. I am trying to get it to always return back whatever that Saturday is - in this case 9/28/2019.

Any other ideas?

Take a look at this that I did up quickly. I realized a couple issues with my formula.

  • I screwed up some of the bracket locations
  • Having a date OR string available as an output messed up the formatting so I split the “error” into 2 separate fields. Ship date still shows blank if data is missing.

Thank you! I’ve been fighting with this forever!

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