IF Date is before 4380 days ago

Hey there
I still don’t get AirTable to the fullest and would appreciate some help. I got a database with Birth Dates and managed to find out peoples ages with the TONOW formula.

I would want a second row telling me wether the Date filed is more then 4380 days ago or not.

I tried something like IF(Date > 4380 days ago , “True”, “Not True”)

As this does not work - what can I do instead?
Thx for any hint.

Here is a good formula for getting a person’s age

DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Date of Birth},'years')

Here is a formula for finding out if a date is more than 4380 days ago

IF(DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Date of Birth}, 'days')>4380, 'true', 'not true')

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