IF dates past 60 days then ✅

Hello! Can anyone advise on the IF formula to state if a date has passed a number of days? So if the date in “DATE” column is more than 60 days ago, then :white_check_mark:
or :no_entry:.

I’ve been looking through date and time functions in the Formula Field Reference, plus lots of posts in this community, but haven’t been able to find an answer that works.

I’ve got a formula to display the number of days since, and looked into creating a view filtering for those above 60 days (that didn’t work anyway), but I would prefer it to just display :white_check_mark: (60 days or more) or :no_entry: (less than 60 days).

Thank you for your help.


Hi Ian,
I have solved in the past a condition based on days but to be honest I didn’t exactly get your issue. Could you send a screenshot and a short explanation of what the formula has to check?



I didn’t target any particular date field, just the record creation date, but hopefully you can take it from here @ianonline. :wink:

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Thanks Dominik, this worked perfectly after changing CREATED_TIME() to the referenced column.

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