If Due Date is Today, Enter X in Field

I’m trying to set up an automation that will send an email reminder at a later date to complete a task.

I have set up one column with “Due Date” another as “Today” and a third as “Send”.

I have set up the following formula that when “Due Date” = “Today” it should put an “X” in the “Send” column. My automation is set to send the email when the “Send” field is updated with an X in it. Here is the formula:
IF({Due Date} = {Today},“X”)

It did not work. I also tried:
IF(IS_SAME({Due Date},TODAY()),“X”)

That didn’t work either. Just to test it, I tried:
IF(IS_SAME({Due Date},TODAY()),“X”,“Y”)
and then all the columns filled with Y, even the one where the Due Date matched Today.


Hi Robbi, that’s super interesting. I’ve created what I think is the exact same setup here and it seems to work just fine

Screenshot 2022-06-19 at 1.33.13 PM

DM me a link to your base and I can see whether I can figure it out for you

IF({Due Date} = Today(),"X")

This formula will work. If not, it’s probably a time zone issue. Airtable sees dates as midnight in the GMT time zone, unless otherwise specified.

It was a time zone issue! I had been working on it at night in the EST time zone so the days didn’t match up because the time zone toggles weren’t switched, so it was tonight in the Date field and tomorrow in the Today field. :crazy_face:
It’s working now, thank you!

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