IF Field = "Name" then Calculate Various Hourly Rates from different table

Hi there!

Trying to create a formula that pulls various hourly rate information from another table and calculates the hours x hourly rates into a grand total field. Additionally, rates vary depending on the employee selected, so once a name is selected, the formula will pull their respective rates from the other table and start the calculation. I believe this may require a roll up field as well, but not sure where that falls in the flow.

Here’s a screen shot of the other table with various $$$ rates

Here’s my main timesheet table where you’ll see a number of hour totals (Reg., OT, and 2xOT).

Again, once I choose a name (People) I want to calculate those totals with their respective rates in the Total Compensation field.

Really stuck on this one!


A rollup field is how you pull the data for a linked record. The formula itself can’t do that. For example, to bring over the hourly rate, add a rollup field named {Hourly} that uses the {People} linked record field, retrieving the {Hourly} field value, and using SUM(values) as the aggregation formula. You could then use the value from that {Hourly} rollup in other formulas. If you need other values for an employee, add rollup fields to bring those over as well.

Thank you Justin! Appreciate the help!


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