IF Field Not Null Display A Else Concatenate B, C, D

My goal is to have a formula to populate New Profile from either Legacy Profile or a Concatenate of Company Responsibility, Professional Background, Educational Background. Ideally for the Concatenate portion, I can have the three fields with a paragraph break between them, if that level of formatting can be achieved. (as demonstrated in the sample table below)

My records will only have either the legacy field or the new 3-field combo populated with data.

New Profile fx Legacy Profile Company Responsbility Professional Background Educational Background
Amazing legacy profile Amazing legacy profile
CEO responsible for big things.Worked at great companies like…Super smart because they went to the University of Smartness. CEO responsible for big things. Worked at great companies like… Super smart because they went to the University of Smartness.

Thanks for the assistance.

Hi there!

Try this :slight_smile:

IF({Legacy Profile}, {Legacy Profile}, {Company Responsibility} & " " & {Professional Background} & " " & {Educational Background})

Hope that helps!

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