IF formula for 30 days invoicing



We invoice on a 30 days term. I know this is going to be a very simple formula but I just can’t get my head around it.

I have “date invoiced” field and “invoice due date” - I need a formula to work out 30 days from the “date invoiced” to be entered into “invoice due date”

Can anyone help?! :exploding_head:



Include this formula: DATEADD({date invoiced},30,‘days’) in your “Invoice due date” field.

I think should work for you.



Thanks for your reply

DATEADD({Date of client invoice},30,‘days’) didn’t work though.

Any idea?


Sorry, you have to put ‘day’ into the unit parameter, not ‘days’



My test:


It’s working…! Hooray!

Thanks so much. Note: I had copied the text initially but it was coming up with an error so I just started from scratch and typed your suggested text in and it worked. Must be some bug with copying?


Yes — the forum software ‘prettifies’ single- and double-quotes. For instance, I enter 'prettifies', with straight quotes, but the forum displays ‘prettifies’, with curly quotes. Airtable balks at anything other than straight quotes; fortunately, should any creep into your cut-and-paste, they can simply be overwritten with standard ones from the keyboard.

There are ways to protect text from being modified when entering formulas into the forum; a search for ‘straight quotes’ will reveals a number, typically involving the use of back-tick marks (’’),