IF formula for formatting numbers in a concat

Hi AirTable Community,

I am trying to create an IF formula to format a number field to an abbreviated format depending on if it is 100,000 or 1,000,000… eg.

“780000” becomes “780k”
“1000000” becomes “1M”

Purpose is because I am trying to Concat the abbreviated number together with other fields.

Does anyone know how to write such a nested IF statement?


Thankyou in advance!!

Hi Jazmin. Give this a try…

IF((loanAmount/1000000)>1, ROUND((loanAmount/1000000),1) & 'M',
     IF((loanAmount/1000)>1, ROUND((loanAmount/1000),1) & 'k',
         loanAmount & '')

You can change the ROUND parameter to 0 if you don’t ever want decimal places.


Oh my gosh it works! :sob:

Thank you so much @augmented . Really appreciate it!

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