IF formula for multiple fields

Hi, I’m trying to set up a checklist function that returns a DONE when all items have been checked. The items to do are checked entries in separate columns - i.e., article written, images watermarked, keywords checked) I’m thinking something like this:

IF({article written}<>"“AND{images watermarked}<>”"AND{{keywords checked}, DONE, )

Not working… Any help appreciated!


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One thing to keep in mind is that in Airtable, AND is its own function, not a keyword to place between comparisons. Inside the AND function you’ll simply list the various comparisons/checks you want to make. If they’re all true, then the result from AND will be true.

Also, checking to see if a field contains anything is simply a matter of listing the field name. No need to compare against an empty string.

Finally, you’ll need to wrap quotes around any literal characters that you want to appear in your result, so DONE should be “DONE”.

Here’s the conversion of your example with all this in mind:

IF(AND({article written}, {images watermarked}, {keywords checked}), "DONE")
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Thanks so much, Justin. Worked perfectly!