If formula help


We have built a pretty good CRM within Airtable. We are constantly adding new things to it to make sure the data that we are seeing from it is as useful as possible.
I am trying to add an if statement that if a customer has not been interacted with withing 30 days it is flagged using an if statement.
Here is what i was trying to use and its not working
IF(DATETIME_DIFF(NOW(), {Sales Interaction},‘days’)>30,“:rotating_light: “,””)

If anyone could help out id be grateful as im sure it is something easy.



I tried your IF statement and it worked for me. In the Day Diff field I used this formula:
DATETIME_DIFF(NOW(),{Sales Interaction},‘days’)


Thanks that was helpful I figured out where the error was.
Another question if I wanted on a separate table within the view count the amount of accounts that have been flagged how would I go about this?


What the error was? :sweat_smile:


Calculating off of a linked record wasnt wwroking had to create a static date to create off using the a function.
Should have thought of it.