IF Formula - late date, current date, blank date

I’m currently using the following formula for tracking Project Health: IF({FOC (Current)}<TODAY(),“LATE!”,“ON TARGET”)

however there are times when the “FOC (Current)” date field is appropriately blank. Right now it’s labeling it as “Late” but I need it to show “No FOC” instead.

  1. If FOC (Current) is < today = “LATE”
  2. If FOC (Current) is =/> today = “On Target”
  3. If FOC (Current) is blank = “No FOC”

I can’t seem to make the multi-IF’s to work. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Shawntel_Cote - you need a nested IF statement here:

  NOT({FOC (Current)}),
  'No FOC',
    {FOC (Current)} < TODAY(),

So we first check if {FOC Current} has no value or is blank. If it is blank, then return “No FCO”. If it isn’t blank, then check if the date is earlier than today - if so later, otherwise on target.

works great, thank you!

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