If formula question


I have this formula to pull the latest revision in the Submittal revisions for art work.


It’s an attachment field called Submittal Revisions. I have another attachment field called Previous Stage with an approved attachment file - always filled in with a file.

That said, sometimes the SUBMITTAL: REVISIONS attachment filed is empty and doesn’t have any data to pull from. Can we add in that if the SUBMITTAL: REVISIONS is empty, it pulls from the PREVIOUS STAGE file?

Thank you!

Hey @Scott_Gardner1!

Hmmm… I’m having a hard time grasping what this formula does.
Could you possibly provide screenshots, additional information, or details on what the current workflow looks like?

Anything would be greatly appreciated.

All it does is locate the last image to the right out of 20 images as a URL and then when the URL changes each time, it’s adds the latest revision. Also have an automation that when a status changes the latest revision goes into the approved attachment field. So I need to add a if the revisions are black, it pulls the URL from the previous attachment.

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