IF formula to check if a column is empty then set the value to a column

Hi Every one i want a formula like this:
IF({TaskIcon} == BLANK(),“https://png.pngtree.com/png-clipart/20191120/original/pngtree-pen-icon-isolated-design-png-image_5045590.jpg","null”)
TaskIcon is an Attachment field.
i want that if {TaskIcon} field is blank (No attachment in the field) then my DefaultIcon field set to a url Please Help Someone

You’re very close, I think you just want:

IF(TaskIcon = BLANK(), "https://png.pngtree.com/png-clipart/20191120/original/pngtree-pen-icon-isolated-design-png-image_5045590.jpg")

That will return the specified URL in the formula field is TaskIcon is empty, and it will return nothing if TaskIcon has an attachment.

Thank You so much @Nick_Dennis This works for me!!! Again thanks you

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