IF formula to remove space if no data

I’m not sure the best way to ask this question, but here goes!

I have the following formula…

Model & " " & VAR_Color & " " & VAR_Type & " " & VAR_Weight_Name & " " & VAR_GRIP_Circumference

Some of my “Models” are missing one or several of the VAR (fields) and when that happens I’m left with a double or even triple space.

I want to concatenate the formula in such a way that IF a field/VAR is empty that the VAR and the space in front of it are omitted, but if a VAR exists, then the VAR and the space in front of it are displayed.

Thanks in advance for any advice on how to revise/simplify this formula!

Model & 
IF( VAR_Color, " " & VAR_Color) & 
IF( VAR_Type, " " & VAR_Type) & 
IF( VAR_Weight_Name, " " & VAR_Weight_Name) & 
IF( VAR_GRIP_Circumference, " " & VAR_GRIP_Circumference)
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YES YES YES!!! This is exactly what I needed. What a clean formula! Thank you for the help @kuovonne!!


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