IF formula to show data from one of two fields

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I’ve set up the following formula in an effort to show either the data that is entered into the ‘Invoice Contact Overwrite’ field, or if that is blank, then to show whatever is in the ‘Company’ field.

IF({Invoice Contact Overwrite}!=BLANK(),{Invoice Contact Overwrite},Company)

This formula has been applied to a field called ‘Invoice Contact’, that’s where I want the result to show.

In this case, the formula is only showing data that has been entered into the ‘Invoice Contact Overwrite’ field and for anything that doesn’t have any data, it is showing as blank, rather than adding the Company name.

Am I missing something? We use a variation of this formula to create a ‘Final Fee’ by showing whatever is in our ‘OS Fee’ field, but if our ‘Fee Overwrite’ field has data entered, then the ‘Final Fee’ is updated to whatever is reflected in the ‘Fee Overwrite’ field. This works perfectly. See formula example below.

IF({Fee Overwrite}!=BLANK(),{Fee Overwrite},{OS Fees})

I’m sure the answer is here. Can someone please assist?

I don’t think you can use BLANK() in that way.

You can just use the name of the field on its own to check if it has any contents:

IF({Invoice Contact Overwrite},{Invoice Contact Overwrite},Company)

Thank you so much! That has fixed the issue :blush:

Have a great day!

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