IF Formula using dates

Hello all,

I would like to use an If formula:

Everything before a certain date should be “True”, everything after “False”.

When I write it like this, it doesn’t work:

IF(InvoiceDate<3/8/2021,1,2) (InvoiceDate is a Field in Type “Date” with Format “European”).

Do you have any idea and could you help me please? Thank you very much!

Hi @Sebastian_Apel

Airtable doesn’t recognise the “3/8/2021” as a date witch which it can work. You have to convert it into a date type using DATETIME_PARSE().

This should work:

IF(InvoiceDate<DATETIME_PARSE("03-08-2021", "DD-MM-YYYY"), 1, 2)


Hi @Databaser , thanks for your quick and good answer!

That has worked before. Now I immediately encountered another problem: I want to connect the IF function with another IF function.

If I do this as described below, the result is always “0”, even if the amount should be different.

Could you maybe help me again please? Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

IF(InvoiceDate<DATETIME_PARSE(“03-08-2021”, “DD-MM-YYYY”), (IF((SUM(PaymentAmount,{CurrencyDifference})/{InvoiceAmount})=1,0,{InvoiceAmount}-PaymentAmount)), 0)


IF(InvoiceDate<DATETIME_PARSE(“03-08-2021”, “DD-MM-YYYY”), IF(SUM(PaymentAmount,{CurrencyDifference})/{InvoiceAmount}=1,0,{InvoiceAmount}-PaymentAmount))

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Hey @Databaser.

This working very well. Thank you so much!

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Glad I could help! Would yo mind marking my comment as the solution to your question? This helps others who may be searching with a similar question. Thanks!

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