IF Formula View 3 fields, return value in 4th field based on conditions

3 lookup fields “30 Min Call”, “Proposal Sent” and “Contract Signed”
1 result field “Status”,

Formula needed
IF “30 Min Call” has a date, enter “Prospect” in “Status”
BUT IF “Proposal Sent” has a date, enter “Onboarding” in “Status”
BUT IF “Contract Signed” has a date, enter “Client” in “Status”
IF all three fields are EMPTY, leave “Status” blank
Likely scenario would be when “Status” shows “Client” then all 3 lookup fields have dates (but is not a requirement).

I’m pretty sure I am missing one simple thing but I have tried all kinds of strings and tried comparing in the help functions but still getting error results. Thanks for the help.

Make your {Status} field a Formula-type field using this formula:

   {Contract Signed},
      {Proposal Sent},
         {30 Min Call},

I thought that would be the easiest way. I had the formula typed with the fields BACKWARDS.

It worked perfectly.

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