IF Less Than and Greater Than

IF(AND({Total Pages}<“50”,{Total Pages} >“43”,"$3.12"),IF(AND({Total Pages}<“12”,{Total Pages}>“1”,"$1.67"))

What am I doing wrong?
I’m trying to calculate postage by ranges…stating if Total pages is less than 50 and greater than 43, then $3.12, if total pages is less than 12 and greater than 1, then $1.67 and so on.

Use a nest IF. Put all the values in order and use the same comparison operator.

IF( {Total Pages} < 12, 
  IF( {Total Pages} < 43,
    IF( {Total Pages} < 50,

I’m not sure what $$$ you want for 44-49 pages, so I just put a random number that was between the two others. This might not be quite what you want, but hopefully it will send you in the right direction.

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