If not blank, copy value; if blank, enter "GTIN"

Bookseller here trying to survive by listing on Amazon. I have lots of books that are so old ISBNs didn’t exist when they were published. For those books, Amazon offers what they call a “GTIN” exemption. So I have two fields: (1) a single line field called {Product ID}, which contains an ISBN if available, but is, otherwise, left blank; and (2) and a formula field called {Product ID Type}, which needs to contain “ISBN” if {Product ID} is NOT blank or “GTIN” if {Product ID} is blank. I have no idea what might work here. Fingers crossed that one of you do. :slight_smile:

Hi again, @Alba_Machado2 :slight_smile:

IF({Product ID}, "ISBN", "GTIN")

So elegant! Thanks again! I’m feeling significantly less overwhelmed by the prospect of having to create a table that accommodates Amazon’s 200+ fields in order to save my little old book business. :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:

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