IF Or formula not working

I want to know what is the proper formula to use this…

IF(Checkincount= 99, TRUE(), FALSE())

I’d like to have an or option meaning

IF(Checkincount= 99, TRUE(), FALSE()), OR IF(Checkincount= 199, TRUE(), FALSE()), OR IF(Checkincount= 299, TRUE(), FALSE())

I can’t seem to find the right formula to use the OR

Meaning, I want it to show if Checkincount is 99 or 199 or 299 etc…

Hope that makes sense.


If what you really want is for this field to show “True”, or 1 only when {Checkincount} is equal to exactly 99, 199, 299, etc, and show “False”, or 0 otherwise, you could probably do that a little more efficiently like this:

   ) = "99",
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