IF/OR Statement involving a single select field

I’m looking to create a datestamp field based on if a Single Select field is either COMPLETE or CANCELED, otherwise it should remain empty.

I’ve searched through this site and tried a variety of options but have had no success.

IF(OR(Status=“COMPLETE”,“CANCELED”,LAST_MODIFIED_TIME())) **This returns all cells as blank

Thanks in advance!

Since you put the timestamp within the OR and you haven’t connected ‘cancelled’ to the field {Status}, you’re asking “if {Status} = ‘COMPLETE’, if the phrase ‘CANCELED’ is not blank, or if the record has ever been modified”. That is guaranteed to always be “true” since the phrase ‘CANCELED’ has a value. Your formula does’t output anything for “true” or for “false”. The proper formula would be

OR(Status="COMPLETE", Status="CANCELED"),
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Thanks that worked! I tried so many options that I had lost count of the variations. :slight_smile:
I can’t believe I missed this one as it makes so much sense.

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