If Statement changing content in another field


Is it possible to create a formula something like this:

IF({Fulfillment Company}=“Thomson Shore”, {Thomson Shore Ref}={Shipping First & Last Name})

So Field A is being used as a formula field if Field B (multiple option) says X (an option) then Field C (link to another record) will pull information from Field D (normal text field).


I’d like to be able to do something similar, change the contents of a text field based on data in another field. Any luck accomplishing this?


Unfortunately not - would love to hear a response from Airtable.


It is not enough with Formula and Lookup fields? Could you explain or leave an example?


To expand on @Elias_Gomez_Sainz’s response:
If you have your data structured like so:

  • Table: Companies
    • Field: Company Name
    • Field: Contact Name
  • Table: Invoices
    • Field: Fulfillment Company
    • Field: Shipping First & Last Name

You can look up the data you need by linking {Fulfillment Company} to “Companies”, and setting {Shipping First & Last Name} to a lookup field ( {Fulfillment Company} > {Contact Name}).

This is the related official help page:


The lookup fields work well for some things. Here’s a more detailed (and clearer) example:

Column A.1 - Sheet 1 - Formula Field
Column B.1 - Sheet 1 - Multiple Option Field
Column C.1 - Sheet 1 - Link Field to Sheet 2
Column D.1 - Sheet 1 - Link Field to Sheet 3
Column E.2 - Sheet 2 - Text Field
Column F.3 - Sheet 3 - Text Field

If Column B.1 is “Value 1”, then Column A.1 would populate information from Column E.2
If Column B.1 is “Value 2”, then Column A.1 would populate information from Column F.3
It’s still editable for custom values

So the information would all be in one column, instead of having a formula per column.