If Statement checking for empty field

I would like a formula field to be filled with either, the text of a certain field that always has text, but, but if there is text in another field, I want THAT other field text to be in the formula field instead. Using the IfThen formula with the “equal” sign doesn’t seem to work?

Welcome to the community, @Ralph_Mittman! :smiley: You didn’t include your existing formula, so the best I can do is work from scratch based on your description.

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.13.34 PM

The formula field is pretty simple:

IF(Override, Override, Normal)

To translate: if the {Override} field contains anything, use it. Otherwise grab the contents of the {Normal} field.

That’s it! Thank you very much. I thought that I had to put an operator like “=” or something after each condition. So I was trying to do:
If(Field “A” > 0, Field “A”, Field B).
But your advice of:
IF({Job # & Client},{Job # & Client},{Job Notes})
Worked Great! Thank you so very much.

In cases like this, using an operator can actually be too precise of a comparison. When all you want to do is see if the field has anything in it, the field reference alone is a simpler shortcut because it just pulls the data. Any data will evaluate as TRUE; no data will evaluate as FALSE.

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