"IF" statement for Dates

Hi there! I’m fairly new to formulas and have been playing around with using them in a new base for a client.

I’m wondering if there is any way to create an IF statement or some other formula for if a Date field is empty? Right now if the date field is marked empty, it showcases an error, but I’d like it to still include the other values if left blank. It would be great if it could maybe have TBD" instead.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Here’s the formula I have so far:

"[" & DATETIME_FORMAT({START / LIVE DATE}, ‘MM/DD’) & "] " & {PROJECT / PROMO NAME} & " " & “[” & SEASON & "]"

Also a screenshot of what I’m trying to do:

IF({My Date Field}=BLANK(), . . .
Should do it.

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Thank you! I was able to make that formula work as a stand-alone, but am still having trouble figuring out how it should fit into my existing formula. When I try to embed it into the date portion it works as a formula but still doesn’t act as it should and I’m still receiving errors :confused:

See if this works.


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Thank you all for your assistance! I was finally able to rework this by having a field designated only to the IF statement for the date and have the primary field formula reference that.

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