If statement formula help

Trying to set 1st field as a formula with IF statement.

I currently have:

Bill & " - " & DATETIME_FORMAT({Due Date}, “ll”)

I have another table for bills paid on irregular date (non due date). Without the Due Date being filled in I get an Error in the formula.

I’d like to have the formula show IF Due Date Empty, date paid

Thank you.

If({Due Date}="",{Date Paid})

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Thanks @Steve_Vo, I am getting an error message when I add this formula to my current one. Suggestions?

Bill & " - " & DATETIME_FORMAT({Due Date}, “ll”), IF({Due Date}="",{Date Paid})


I think the formula you want is:

Bill & " - " & DATETIME_FORMAT(IF({Due Date}, {Due Date}, {Date Paid}), "ll")
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Perfect, thank you @Justin_Barrett