If statement help for blog


I need help with creating an if then that statement.

I want to create a formula where if a record is created then the status should change to “needs to be scheduled”, if the scheduled checkbox is selected then the status needs to change to “needs to be submitted to publication”, if both check boxes are filled then it will change the status to “complete”

   AND({Submitted to publication}, {Scheduled}),
      "needs to be submitted to publication",
      "needs to be scheduled"

Thank you so much! It worked and helped so much!

Is there an option where if checkbox is filled then can it create a prompt?

For example, when the user clicks the publication box and it’s completed, I want them to get sent an action to distribute that link to certain social media outlets?

Welcome to the community, @Tina_Lopez! :smiley:

That depends on what you mean by “sent an action.” If you meant “sent an email”, you could use an automation triggered by the change in a checkbox field, which could send an email to the user reminding them to share the link.

Lots of other options are possible with automations as well. If you haven’t looked into the automation system yet, here’s an overview:

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