IF statement not working

I have the following formula which returns the correct amounts, except when engineer report is selected. In this case it comes up blank. All the other selections produce the expected numbers.

IF(Type=“Inspection”,“300”,IF(Type=“Estimate”,“30”,IF(Type=“Engineer Report”,50,IF(Type=“Photo Report”,“20”))))


Maybe the phrase “Engineer Report” has slightly different spelling than the values in the Type column?

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Thanks, sometimes it is the most simple issue. :rofl: :rofl:

On a side note, I noticed that the formula you listed is returning strings (quotes wrapped around the numbers) for all options except the “Engineer Report” option, which returns a number. Is that a typo in the way the formula was entered into your original message, or is that truly how the formula operates? Something tells me that it’s a bug at some level, as I’m guessing you want consistent data output: either all strings, or all numbers. If you’re running calculations using the result of the formula’s output, you’ll want numbers, so the quotes around those values should be removed.

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