IF statement returning true when field (formula type) is empty


Hi @ATNewb

What’s the formula in the field {Start+2}?

Thanks for taking a look!

The reason an empty field in {Start+2} is registering as “truthy” is because when it isn’t holding a date string (your ‘success’ result) its holding a string with a single whitespace character in it (your ‘failure’ result).

That space between the quotation marks is not nothing, it is something — an invisible something, but a something none-the-less. Try removing the whitespace between the quotation marks, such that the quotation marks are right next to each other — then it will be holding a truly empty string, which is nothing.

Alternatively, you could omit the failure result altogether (remove the comma and everything that follows after your success result), since the IF() function will default to an empty field if there is no failure result specified.


That did it. So simple! Thank you, sir!

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