IF Statement to TRUE/FALSE if one field data is equal to another MULTISELECT field

Hi all - need help!

I have a Multiselection of “profiles” linked to a store.
I then have items which may relate to one of those profiles.

I need a formula to look at the “item profile” and see if it exists within the “store profile” multiselection - returning a simple true or false will work.

I am hoping the below helps explain further

Hi Ian. Here’s a quick and dirty way to do it, assuming {Item Profile} only ever has one value.

  FIND({Item Profile}&'',{Store Profile}&'') > 0,
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Welcome to the community, @Ian_Taylor! :smiley: To clarify something else, the fields in the screenshot that you shared are lookup fields, not multi-select fields. Lookup fields are related to link fields (which also aren’t multi-select fields). Link fields allow you to link to records from another (or the same) table, while a lookup field uses those links to retrieve specific field data from the linked record(s).

A simplified version of what @augmented shared would be to strip the IF() function away and just use the FIND() function on its own:

FIND({Item Profile}&'',{Store Profile}&'')

Any positive number—meaning that the item was found—will equate to True and return a 1, while a 0 is equivalent to False and will return a 0.


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