IF statements for three different criteria including a blank

I am having a hard time with the IF statement. I have a Status category I would like to make student status change based on Anticipated graduation date, however, I don’t have that for all students. So this is the formula I am trying and failing at:

{Anticipated Graduation Date} <= TODAY(), “Graduated”,
IF({Anticipated Graduation Date} > TODAY(),
"Active Student”,

I’ve done a couple variations and can’t seem to do it. Any thoughts out there??

Thank you,

You have to first test if there is an {Anticipated Graduation Date} before you make the other checks. You also have to use date/time functions for comparing dates.

  • Active Student: the {Anticipated Graduation Date} is after today
  • Graduated: the {Anticipated Graduation Date} is today or earlier
  • Unknown: any other situation
  {Anticipated Graduation Date},
    IS_AFTER({Anticipated Graduation Date}, TODAY()),
    "Active Student",

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Thank you so much! This definitely worked! I’m just getting used to doing this.


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