If Statements to Perform Lookup?

Is it possible to use an If statement to perform a lookup?

Matter Table has {Entity Name}
Entities Table has {Legal Entity} and {Principal Place of Business}

I want to automatically populate {Address} in Matter Table with {Principal Place of Business} when {Entity Name} = {Legal Entity}, ie, I’m trying to avoid a manual lookup.

Hi @Karin_McKercher1

You can change the Address Field in the Matter Table to be a vlookup field and it will Do it automatically. Or am I missing something?

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No doubt it’s me. I was unaware of a vlookup. But correct me if I’m wrong — from the brief exploration I’ve done on vlookup, it’s not an actual field I can select but requires some organization/manipulation with different tables that I’ll have to do more digging into to get an answer. IE, the answer isn’t quick.

You just have to link the Entity Name field to the Legal Entity field for the lookup to work.

Beware that in this case if the Entity Name is not available in the other table, a new record will be created with the said Entity Name.

Isn’t that just a regular lookup? What I’m looking for is something like this:
If ({Entity}= {Legal Entity in Entities Table}, then Address = Lookup Address in Entities Table

I think the way you’re suggesting requires a person to select the appropriate entity from the lookup field, no?

I believe you cannot do that on Airtable, since they are both on separate tables.

Follow these steps and let me know if it gave you the result you need:

  1. Move the Entity name from the first field (The reason is you cannot do a link in this field)

  2. Change the Field Type to Link to another table , then choose the other table.

  3. Once that is done, 2 scenarios will happen:

a) The same name is available in the other table and therefore they will be linked

b) The name is not available on the other table and therefore a new record will be created but the other Fields will be empty.

  1. Lastly, make a new field with the address and make it a lookup.

I can take a look at it for you and show you how to do it of you want. Please send me a view link to your Base on mohamedswellam@hotmail.com

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