IF,SWITCH,Contains and Rollups? Not sure

So I am trying to track checks and employees. I have an “Employees” table and I have a separate “Checks” table. They are linked. I was able to do a rollup for each employee to get the total amount they received no problem. My issue is I want my rollup to only show me the checks they received in 2021. I see a lot of the forums talking about SWITCH and IF stuff. But what I want is different. I want the formula to look at my dates, see which ones contain the year 2021, and then spit out the check amount so I can then do a rollup on each individual year.

This may be way too complicated and I would love a better answer. But ideally, I want to be able to look at how much each employee made by year in the employee table and not just in the checks table. But as each check is individually added, it would need to add up all the checks of that year from the checks table.

Hi! Could you check this out and see if it solves your problem? You can duplicate the base to see the exact field set up

The idea is to have a conditional rollup field to filter by the check’s date, only taking in records that have a date on or after, for example, 1 Jan 2021, and on or before 31 Dec 2021.

And then we’d create one field per year we needed

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omg I am the worst, I completely forgot that was a thing. I have that on some other fields. I am so sorry! And thank you SOOOO much for the help. Saved me!

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