If the value is checked, create a date format for the specific column title

Hey everybody, I have a question. Let’s just say I update or add an airtable record which checks a certain column title.

For example, I have a column title Mon_1, which I’m basically trying to say this weeks Monday at 1pm, attached.

Here’s my question: Is it possible to have a formula that says if this column is checked, then generate a date and time for the column title?

Today is Tuesday June 9th, so if Mon_1 was checked it would then create a date format for June 15th at 1pm? Let me know if this is unclear, but if this can be done I would be so grateful!

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 2.38.33 PM

Hi @Kaito_at_Pear - no, you can’t generate a dynamic column/field title with a formula. However, you could create another column which show the date you want if the checkbox is ticked. Something like this:

The formula fields are:


Start of Week: IF({This week}, DATETIME_FORMAT(DATETIME_PARSE({This week}, 'WW-YYYY'), 'DD/MM/YYYY 13:00'))

Next Week: IF({Start of Week}, DATEADD({Start of Week}, 1, 'week'))

These could be combined into a single formula field, but I often find it is easy to break this out into “steps” and hide the fields I don’t need to see.

For explanation, “This week” gets the week number of the current week. “Start of week” gets the date of Monday of the current week. “Next week” adds one week to “Start of week” to get the date for next Monday.

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