If / then clause in DATETIME_Format Formula

Hey Everyone! I need a little assistance with my formula here. Basically, I’m trying to pack alot of information into my primary field so that it appears on the calendar blocks. I have a few fields of information here:

  • Clinic Name
  • Clinic Date
  • Type of Vaccine Offered
  • Number of Doses Offered
  • Primary Team working
  • Supporting Team working (if any)

My question is this: Sometimes there won’t be a supporting team. Is there a way to build in an “if” statement to my formula to indicate “If supporting team isn’t empty, add this clause”, essentially?

Here’s my current formula:

DATETIME_FORMAT({Clinic Date},‘MM-DD-YY’)&" “&{Clinic Name + Activity}&” - “&{Lead Team}&” Supported By “&{Supporting Team}&” - “&{# Doses Scheduled}&” "&{Vaccine Dose Type}

&" "&{Clinic Name + Activity}
&" - "&{Lead Team}
&IF({Supporting Team}, " Supported By "&{Supporting Team})
&" - "&{# Doses Scheduled}
&" "&{Vaccine Dose Type}
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Thank you so much, @Kamille_Parks !!

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