If this then that like rules in a base


I would like to request the ability to create if this then that like rules in a base. I like formulas but they can be hard to work with if your not a formula person and I would like to be able to change the state of one field based on the change of another.

So I would like to change a records fields based on other fields in the same record, but also be able to change a record in a table based on the change of different record(s) in another table.


  1. When a task changes to “Need Reviews” THEN change the collaborator field to “John”
  2. When a new record is added to the view “For evaluation” THEN remove the linked record “Implementation” AND add the linked record “For Evaluation”.
  3. When a record is marked with “problematic” THEN notify Hannah
  4. When a deadline is within 7 days AND the record hasn’t been updated for that last 7 days THEN change the field “Needs your attention” to checked AND notify me.
  5. When the field A, B, and C is empty THEN change the status to “Incomplete”

This would make sense for Airtable with their “build your own application” approach and mean that you could build great workflows.


Hi Mathias,

Thanks for your note! This is something that we do have plans to support and are actively discussing internally. If you’re open to it, I’d love find some time to learn more about your use case here, as part of the research process for this feature.

In the mean time, you can achieve most of what you describe using Zapier/triggering on unique views for each ‘update action’ (though at the moment, a Zap can trigger only once per record per view).



Hi Cameron

That’s so great to hear! I would be happy to talk to you about the use case :v:


I’d also be willing to talk about our use case! This would be HUGE. I’m currently looking into Airtable and the lack of automation when it comes to things like Mathias is talking about is a bit of a let down for me :frowning:. I like the vision and overall the app is great, but every business needs automation to make their processes more efficient!


In case you need some more scenarios to study, I’d also be quite willing to share: we are a film school and use Airtable for our internal project documentation. There is a lot of per record (= one record, one project, with dependent data in extra tables) status changes going on which should by rights trigger adjustments in related data or action steps, but currently don’t without manual intervention. The kind of business logic automation (hooks) this is hinting at would be a leap forward for us, and I’d be happy to share how and why.

And yes, we could achieve a lot of that with an automation service (we use Integromat), if only Airtable provided webhooks for record creation, modification and deletion.


Thanks for the enthusiasm, all. I’ll be reaching out next week to set some time up!