If this, then this. If blank, then that

I’m not sure why this one isn’t working, because I’ve tried copying and pasting from another base where this formula DOES work.

I’m trying to write an IF statement for the Gift ID. If “Donor Account” is not blank, GIFT ID should pull Donor Account after the date. If it IS blank, it should pull Company.

This is my starting point, but it’s telling me it’s not a real formula.

(DATETIME_FORMAT({Date of donation}, ‘M/D/YYYY’) & " — ") & IF(Donor account, Donor account,Company)


Because Donar account is a multi-word field name, you need to enclose it in braces {}

DATETIME_FORMAT({Date of donation}, 'M/D/YYYY') & " — " & IF({Donor account}, {Donor account},Company)
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