IF unix date field is blank, manual date field with DATETIME_FORMAT

Hello Airtable community friends,

It’s been a while! Thanks to some of you, my online book business is running smoothly on Airtable. But I am far from Airtable proficient yet…

How can I get the Date and Time formula fields to check and see if there’s something in Manual Date & Time first, and then, if it’s empty, turn to Unix Date & Time? I don’t know how to weave the necessary IF statement into the DATETIME_FORMAT I’ve already got set up in the Date and Time fields. I labeled the screenshots 1 and 2 'cause they’re the same, only the second shows the formula I’m using.

Many TIAs for ideas!

EDIT: Nevermind, I misread.

Keep your formula the way it is, except replace {Unix Date & Time} with:

IF({Manual Date & Time}, {Manual Date & Time}, {Unix Date & Time})

That did the trick! Thanks for coming to my rescue yet again, Kamille! :slightly_smiling_face:

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