IF X is empty, then Y Checkbox is checked



I am trying to find a way to create the logic:

IF Project Code = Empty, then Checkbox = Checked

(if a device is not assigned to a project, then the it becomes available)

If anyone can guide me through this, Airtable is new to me.




If you don’t need the functionality to manually check the checkbox as well, then you can just just use a formula field like this:

IF({Project Code}=BLANK(),“:white_check_mark:”,“✘”)

Otherwise, if you need to be able to manually override it, then you should have a separate Checkbox and then a formula field like this:

IF( OR( {Checkbox}=1, {Project Code}=BLANK() ),“:white_check_mark:”,“✘”)

(You can choose other emojis)


You could also automate it with Integromat or Zapier. But as @David_Skinner says the important is what you use or want to do with that Checkbox.