IFTTT/gmail integration, using data from Airtable field in email body


Hi all.
I have a base that I use as an incident reporting system where users submit information via a form, which then triggers and IFTTT applet using gmail to send notifications to different people that a new incident has been reported. (One record = one incident report). There is a field in the record that generates an unique ID code for that record, using the autonumbering field + a formula. What I want to be able to do is extract the ID code for each record and include it in the body of the notification email so that the people who receive the notifications can report their follow up of the incident by completing a second form, which uses the ID code to link back to the original report. Is there some code that can be used in IFTTT to achieve this?


If I understand what you’re looking for, this sounds like something that could be done in Zapier. I’ve looked for IFTTT applets that email new records to people (based on an email field or collaborator field) and haven’t found any, don’t know about making them. But with Zapier you can set up an email to someone in a record with other field info from that record in the body.