Ignore emojis, case in alphabetized lists of bases


Clearly a low-impact issue, but a trivial fix, as well. In the relatively few places Airtable presents bases in an alphabetized list, the list should be ordered by first non-emoji character. Currently, given the officially sanctioned practice of using emojis as ‘cover images’ for base icons, any base containing an initial emoji is alphabetized — by emoji — after an alphabetized listing of all bases sans emoji. (In comparison, lists of bases that use Airtable’s built-in graphics ignore those graphics in ordering the list.)

On a related note, list alphabetization is, for some reason, case-sensitive. This results in the overall list actually comprising three sub-lists:

[Non-emoji bases, A-Z]
[Non-emoji bases, a-z]
[Emoji bases, :number sign: to :nazar amulet:, presumably]