I'm not permitted to perform an operation with zapier

Hi, i have an issue with a zap on zapier here is the message : "The app returned “You are not permitted to perform this operation because the field or table has been configured to limit who can perform this operation”.
this is a message from Airtable. I’m the owner of my workspace, i’ve put permissions on “editors and up”, so i don’t understand how to fix the issue

Have you tried removing the permissions altogether?

how to do it ? i’m the only one who use the database by the way

It will either be an option on the field, I believe. Have you checked your fields here CleanShot 2020-11-22 at 17.47

Yes i’ve checked everything is on “editors and up”. I don’t know where the issue is. There is only one field who shows a message like this (see the photo below), i don’t know if it’s corelated to the issue.

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