Image email automation


I am trying to send emails with the automation and everything is ok but in the signature of my email I have an image.
I would like to insert it in the good place but I can’t find a solution.
Markdows (image link) is not working. (the image is very small)

do you have any idea or solution

Hi @Alexandre_Husset,

As far as I know, Airtable’s automated emails don’t support images embedded within the text of the message (such as an embedded image in signature text).

However, you can add an image attachment to an email by using the “attachments” option and choosing an attachments field from your database. That isn’t the same thing as embedding an image as part of your signature, so it might not work for your needs.

But if you really need to embed the image within the body of your message, you could always turn to a professional automation platform like Integromat, which lets you send HTML-based emails (with embedded images) through a variety of different email platforms, such as SendGrid.

You might also be able to script this with a custom JavaScript using Airtable’s Automations, but I don’t know enough about Airtable’s JavaScript email capabilities to know if this is possible.