Image of recipe in cooking plan


Hey Community,

hope you can help me.

Please take a look at this screenshot:

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I want to make a cooking plan and I want the pictures to be displayed as well. The pictures of the recipes. Look at this screen:

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here is the picture deposited in the recipe. It looks great in my opinion. I want that picture also in displayed in the cooking plan. It would be very beautiful…

Hope you can help! :slight_smile:


I know there are “hidden fields”, but I can’t activate it on this “area”… don’t know why. Is there another possibility?


I found out that it works with the field type “lookup”. Just for information, if someone had the same problem.

If you know more possibilities or have tips, I am very grateful! :slight_smile:


Another question:
Is it possible to center table fields? So to display the content in the middle?

In Word oder Excel its very easy. Is it possible here?


So far as I know it is not possible to center the values of fields in the grid view.

If you have access to blocks, using the Page Designer block might be able to get you a more attractive display for your records. I also find that I enjoy the look and feel of the gallery view for a lot of my tables.

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