Image order is not in order


When I place multiple images into one cell one at a time, the last one is first and the first one is last. Also, if I place multiple images into one cell all at once, they are also not in order. How can I fix this so the first image I place stays first, etc.? Thanks


Add them in reverse order. :wink:

Seriously, I think that’s the only way of ensuring attachments normally appear in a specific order. You can also manually reorder them in the expanded field view, of course — but that might not be acceptable, depending on how many fields and attachments per field you have.


On expanded view, if you pass over your attachments, there is a tiny menu that appears just under the attachment were you can rename the attachment, add some other attachment, etc… and the last one is to re-order the attachments of the record .

I don’t know how the order works when you add attachments to a record by drag and drop but if you add them with the file uploader, the best way is as, @W_Vann_Hall suggested it, to add them in reverse :sweat_smile:


Ok, thanks for the quick reply!