Images Appear Sideways

Some photos I upload into a table appear sideways both in the table view and expanded cell view, even though the photos themselves are upright in the upload window. I tried to rotate them 90% so they appear sideways in the upload screen, but then they rotate 180% to still appear sideways in the table facing the other way. Help?


Try clearing your cache - I had an issue where my attachment previews would not load, had to clear the cache in Chrome to make it work.

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Also having this issue! Was not a problem 2 weeks ago!

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Also having the same issues with many of our photo attachments.

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Tried this, didn’t help. Seems like all photos in portrait mode show up in landscape.

There’s also no way to rotate the image once it’s uploaded.

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This has been happening to me for the last couple of weeks as well! Very frustrating… hopefully we can get a fix for this ASAP - it’s ruining my gallery views!

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Yes I too am having an issue with this. Completely new and irritating. Nothing to do with browser cache as far as I can see. Work has now stopped for me.

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Not sure if this will work for everyone, but for now I’ve found a workaround…

  1. From the upload pop-up, click “edit” on the image that isn’t loading vertically
  2. Click “Rotate”, but do not actually rotate the photo
  3. Click “Save”

For me, even though the image preview was horizontal, it was displayed vertically in the edit screen. When I saved it, the image uploaded vertically.

Still annoying to do this for every upload, though. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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Same issue here. Big impact for us – hope this can get resolved soon!

Hi all, Joey here :wave:

Thanks for flagging this one for us! Our engineering team made some tweaks and we think we’ve got this one solved! :smile: (The fixes should already be available.)

Give us a shout if this gives any more trouble!


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