Images changed to URL's how to fix?

I’ve been using airtable for a few months to document work projects with a team of about 9. I have had everyone documenting and inserting progress shots and writing what they did and when. Pretty simple. I then started a new table and wanted to link that table to the first table so that ongoing projects could be linked to the the first projects that had been listed and documented.

That seems to have swapped hundreds of images into text instead of attachments so now all the images are URL addresses mixed with other information. I didn’t know that had happened when I linked them and when I have now gone back into history I can undo what I’ve done to an extent but the links I have made seems to have mixed up all sorts of things.

If this has happened to others how do I unlink these tables so that I can set things right?

I’ve asked for support from airtable and it has been over 24 hours of no response. Help if you can. Thanks so much.