Images lose quality in Page Designer


Hi - I have a table, which each has one image (receipts). The PDF quality of the receipts is high, but when I add a box of the image in Page Designer, it seems to drop significantly in quality, so much, that i’m not sure I can use page designer as I had intended.

Any tips/thoughts/fixes on the way?


One is a PDF with text, the other is an image (generated from a PDF) inserted into a PDF.

  • The image is smaller than the original PDF, it always be less readable
  • What is the quality of the image you upload? If the image is bigger enough (resolution enough) it should have good quality in the PDF.

Oh wait:

It’s an image or a PDF? If it is a PDF, you see the preview image of the PDF, which is small and has not much


Hey Elias,

So in this case, I have a list of expenses, for each expense there is a receipt added as an image or a PDF. In the case where I upload a high quality PDF, e.g. from Amazon, Airtable does show it in low quality. If I upload it as an image, the quality is high and stays.

This needs an enhancement of Airtables behalf.


As I said:

I don’t see this as a bug, but as a #feature-requests. Airtable is not showing the file, is showing the preview. What do you see if you upload other kind of file like .xls or .mp3? I mean, I think you expect the PDF to be rendered because is a “viewable” file, but it’s not an image.


Based on these settings, this field seems to be intended for images only, so the block showing the preview is an extra feature for me.

I’ve tested it, with an .xls I see the preview, with an .mp3 I see nothing.


You are right. I just edited the topic - its now a #feature-requests

One solution could be that Airtable changes all documents into images at high-qual before rendering them in the Page Designer. Quick, but would do the job.